Nixon speaking to National Realtors Association - solace in preaching to the converted.
Nixon speaking to National Realtors Association – solace in preaching to the choir.

CBS Radio – Washington Week in Review – November 17, 1973 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

In a week consumed by Watergate and the ongoing investigations – the Nixon White House sought to put a positive spin on things – launching, what was called “The President Fights For His Administration’s Credibility” – Nixon’s dwindling support from Capitol Hill Republicans was causing him to seek approval elsewhere – to the choir, as it were. He set off to make a round of addresses, primarily at Republican strongholds, in order to reiterate his case and hoping to shore up sagging support.

The reviews were mixed – some thought it was a valiant attempt to rescue a bad situation, while others were more convinced than ever that Nixon needed to step down.

And the revelations continued – another tape turned up missing – this one a dictabelt recording alleged to feature John Dean talking with Nixon, which was claimed to have not been recorded, according to the White House.

But while all that was going on – there was still the business of the country to attend to. Before leaving on his round of addresses, Nixon signed into law the Alaskan Oil Pipeline bill and hinted at some relaxation of the Arab Oil embargo, but he was quick to remind everyone the change, though welcome, would not be felt before the Winter.

And that’s a small slice of what went happened in Washington, this week ending November 17, 1973 as presented by CBS Radio’s Washington Week.

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