As his headstone proudly proclaimed - Gene Clark: No Other.
As his headstone rightly proclaimed – Gene Clark: No Other.

Gene Clark and Friends – Live At Three T’s – Evanston Indiana – May 15, 1985 – Band Soundboard

For those of you who don’t know, Gene Clark was a founding member of the legendary Byrds – a band which epitomized the Folk-Rock movement of the mid-1960s. In a period almost dominated by the British invasion, the sound The Byrds created was so distinct and so original that it became a major influence, not only for musicians in the U.S. but became a wildly popular answer to the sounds coming out of Britain at the time and a major influence over there as well.

It was Clark’s stellar writing which produced so many memorable hits for the band in those early days – and listening to this set, featuring Clark with a band that included fellow-Byrd Michael Clarke, Blondie Chaplin and members of another iconic group,The Band; Rick Danko and Richard Manuel – it was all captured at The Three T’s club in Evanston Indiana on May 15th, 1985, you are instantly brought, front-and-center back to the genius responsible.

This is all by way of saying that Gene Clark would have turned 71 today – would have turned 71, had a long descent into wretched excess by way of drinking and, eventually Crack Cocaine, not brought an early and sad end to a brilliant and iconic career at the age of 46 in 1991, six short years after this concert.

So in honor of his birthday (November 17, 1944) and as celebration of his career but also a rekindling of his memory to those who have become otherwise preoccupied, here is that set featuring the legendary Gene Clark and a sampling of the songs so synonymous with him.

Play loud.

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