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Nina Simone - world conscience.
Nina Simone – world conscience.

– Nina Simone – live in Hamburg – May 6, 1988 – RBBBerlin

It would be limiting of the extraordinary talents of Nina Simone to call her a Jazz artist – just like it would be limiting to call Nina Simone a singer-songwriter.

Nina Simone was a gifted and talented artist, whose work encompassed a vast panorama of fields. So maybe this post is something of a misnomer, but Nina Simone definitely qualifies as a Jazz artist as only one facet of talent.

Recorded in Hamburg in May of 1988 – this hour long set captures the essence of why she was a legend and treats the audience to a wide array of songs so synonymous with her.

Luckily, for all of us, her talents have not faded from public view since her passing in 2003. If anything, she has gained in stature – because her talent and sentiment are timeless and her message is just as relevant and urgent today as it was when she began her career.

Will we be hearing the music of Nina Simone a hundred years from now? I hope so and I imagine we will if there is still a civilization around to appreciate it.

But here is today and the message is now and the talent is unmistakeable. Crank it up and enjoy.

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