The inimitable Steven Tyler in 1975.
Ā Aerosmith’s inimitable Steven Tyler – tearin’ it up in 1975.

Aerosmith – Live at The Schaeffer Music Festival, New York – August 29, 1975 – WCKG-FM

Since most of you are probably going into Tryptophan overload from your Thanksgiving extravaganzas, I can’t think of a better way to burn calories, than to crank this classic offering from Aerosmith, recorded live at the Schaeffer Music Festival in Central Park on August 29th 1975.

Vintage Aerosmith, with Steven Tyler at his best and highest-voltage, and featuring the essentials, Walk This Way, and Sweet Emotion – from their seminal album Toys In The Attic, which was released in April of that year.

Aerosmith, in a very short period of time, cemented their status as one of the premier American hard-rock bands of the 70s – during a time when music was looking for its direction – having splintered into so many avenues and genres from the late 60s on, Aerosmith took Rock n’Roll back to its roots – hard driving and non-stop. With the charismatic Steven Tyler fronting the unit, they were easily one of the most popular bands on the touring circuit as well as a staple in the diet of just about every Rock FM station throughout the country.

And they maintained that status throughout the 70s. And even though tensions, feuds and wretched excess were making their presence and damage known in the 1980s, they were still a household name, withstanding changes of taste and the MTV generation. In the years since, they have consistently maintained a strong popularity, providing a substantial amount of influence for bands coming up ever since.

Further evidence of their continued popularity is their induction in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone and VH1’s lists of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all time, Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, not to mention their music showing up on countless video games over the years.

So to remind of the early, breakthrough years – crank up this concert from 1975 – broadcast by WCKG-FM in Chicago.

Get ready for the long weekend.

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