A reminder nonetheless . . .
A reminder nonetheless . . .

December already, and a reminder that the end of the year is rapidly approaching along with your chance to take a deduction on your taxes for a contribution to help keep Past Daily up and running is quickly coming to a close. And as is always the case with the end of the year, there’s that scramble to put the year to bed and get ready for the new one.

It’s been a very strange year, probably one of the stranger ones in history – although I’m tempted to say that every year. But this one has been a little more hair-raising than most. A lot of visitors have come for the music and the sounds of happier times this year – I can’t say as I blame you. News that’s bleak and worrisome from the past offers little comfort when news of the present is more bleak and worrisome. We all need a break.

That’s why Past Daily is here – trying to offer a balance; a place for historic information and a brief respite from the madness. Sadly, I can’t do this alone. Past Daily has become a full time endeavor for me – every waking hour of every day is spent posting and preserving. And all of this is costly. It takes time to put up a post, do the research and preserve the elements that go into each of the items you read and listen to.

It all takes great effort and money – money to pay rent – money to pay for equipment when it breaks down – money to pay bills which keep the site up and running – money for staff in order to eat and pay their bills.

It all takes time and it all requires money and it all needs support. Unfortunately, I have no corporate funding to fall back on – no parent organization to rely on, and grant monies have been fewer and father between.

Fundraisers run the risk of overload. The barrage of appeals via Facebook and other social media can be, and often is, overwhelming, the competition has become fierce and the tune-out factor has run high.

And so it’s a matter of appealing to you on a one-to-one basis. Asking you who visit regularly, like what Past Daily is all about, who haven’t gotten around to making your contribution via our Fundraisers earlier this year and who want to take advantage of a Tax Deduction before the end of the year for something you believe in and want to see continue to make your contribution.

Past Daily is affiliated with Fractured Atlas – a non-profit foundation offering support to projects like Past Daily and the continuing preservation of my Sound Collection. They have helped immeasurably in the past – steering me towards other Foundations and allowing me the opportunity to taking advantage of a Tax Deductible status. They are amazing and they’re great people.

So that’s why I am able to make this appeal, send you this reminder, that you can take advantage of a Tax deductible contribution – either by a one-time payment or in monthly installments and to do it by the end of the year.

Click on the link below and it will take you to the Fractured Atlas site where you can donate or make a monthly pledge and get your tax receipt for 2015.

Donate now!

I can’t tell you how much your generous support is appreciated. Your help is needed and its crucial – and if you like what Past Daily is about, and come to visit every day and enjoy the massive amount of history I’m offering and keep offering, then please consider giving your support and a contribution to help keep us going and to make 2016 a good and productive year.

Best wishes,

Gordon Skene
Past Daily

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