Kate Tempest - The Economist calls her The Brightest Of Talents - they might be on to something.
Kate Tempest – The Economist calls her The Brightest Of Talents – they might be on to something.

Kate Tempest – Live At Trans Musicales 2014 – Rennes, France – December 4, 2014 – RFI-FIP

Kate Tempest tonight. Considered one of the brightest and most promising of new talents, Tempest has made a serious name for herself in the area of Rap and Poetry and is getting ready to do the same with Plays.

Tonight’s performance is from the 2014 Trans Musicales festival in Rennes France. It was, as Tempest freely admitted, her first time touring Europe, first-ever Headline tour and the biggest crowd she’s ever played to. It immediately puts you on her side.

Kate Tempest is widely admired – from the glowing review she got in none other than The Economist Magazine 2 years ago, to the Guardian and Huffington Post who refer to her as a substantial artist – the audiences are on her side as well.

She hasn’t been around that long. She was born in 1985 and started working as an usher in a theatre, where she began writing for that medium in 2012.

So this concert is just a shade over an hour and it will give you a huge idea what Kate Tempest is all about if you aren’t already familiar with her. Although I’m not a huge fan of Rap and the inherent restrictions of a recording studio environment, I find that live-on-stage Rap is a whole other thing entirely and the energy exchange between audience and artist is crucial and easily explains why it’s one of the more popular genres of the last 20+ years.

I would say Kate Tempest has a unique and thoroughly engaging career ahead of her, if this concert is any indication – A career that, by its nature, won’t be resting on its laurels anytime soon.

Whatever your feelings on Rap are – you might want to investigate the other releases by other artists, in a live setting. You will be surprised

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