Imarhan - another hypnotic wave of Desert Blues.

Imarhan - another hypnotic wave of Desert Blues.
Imarhan – another hypnotic wave of Desert Blues.

Imarhan – live at Trans Musicales, Rennes France – Dec. 5, 2015 – RFI-FIP

Imarhan, in concert from the Trans Musicales Festival in Rennes this past week. The heady wave of Desert Blues bands coming from Timbuktu, southern Algeria and widely regarded as Tiniarwen’s little brothers continues. Imarhan are in the same captivating and luxuriant mold as Tiniarwen. Having just gotten together recently, and getting ready for the release of their debut album, Imarhan are busy getting the message across. Desert Blues is a true lasting phenomenon that mixes Eastern influences with Western Rock. And the end result is an astonishing blend of American blues, with tastes of 60s Psych mixed in, Funk and Music of Northern Africa and the Middle East layered in for good measure.

The band are loathe to consider themselves “world music“, because they feel it puts too much restriction on what they want to convey, and sometimes these labels do more to frustrate listeners than to inspire them.

Since they’ve only been together less than a year, it’s doubtful you may have heard of them, yet. This concert should give you a good idea what the fuss is all about and begs you to check out more. They have plans to tour the U.S. to coincide with the release of their debut album, but nothing’s been confirmed yet.

In the meantime, take some time off and crank this one up. It really does speak to the power of mixing up styles and coming out with something that is completely capable of bringing people together with little effort other than being great musicians.

At just over 51 minutes, it goes fast. Funny how that happens,

Check ’em out.

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