Devendra Banart
Devendra Banhart – The face of New Weird America. . . Honest.

Devendra Banhart – live At Summer Sundae 2005 – BBC6 Music

Devendra Banhart tonight. The practitioner of Freak-Folk, Lo-Fi, Latin and by critical acclaim, the face of New Weird America, Devendra Banhart has been splitting his time between sonically dosing audiences with his music and visually challenging them with his art.

On the scene since 2000, and splitting time equally between Music and Visual Arts, Banhart has managed to have both feet planted in both worlds and has achieved critical and audience acclaim in both – a nice feat, if you can pull it off.

Tonight, it’s a concert from the Summer Sundae Festival in Leicester in 2005 and was recorded by the venerable BBC 6 Music. It was the final concert of his tour and it came during a time a lot of buzz about Banhart the Musician was circulating, and during the release of his 5th album, Cripple Crow which did well both in UK and U.S. album charts.

Lately, Banhart released his first album for Nonesuch Records in 2013 and has been concentrating mostly on visual projects.

Still, a much talked-about artist with a large following in Europe who is currently scoring the film Joshy, starring Nick Kroll and Jenny Slate and directed by Jeff Baena (Life After Beth – writer: I Heart Huckabees) and will be running at Sundance in January.

If you’re just getting acquainted with Devendra Banhart, or are familiar with his visual side, rather than his musical side, here is a sampling of what he was up to in 2005.

Play loud – or not – just dive into it.

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