First Week of War - Chicago Bears and the National Anthem - public gatherings became reminders.
First Week of War – Chicago Bears and the National Anthem – public gatherings became reminders.

First Week Of War – News and updates for December 15, 1941 – NBC Blue Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

First Week of War. December 15, 1941 – Still recounting the events of the previous Sunday and the attack on Pearl Harbor. Still counting up the dead and injured and loss of naval strength. Still pointing fingers. The gearing up for war and the preparation for more losses – the fever and mass signup up 18 year olds, or anyone wanting to join. The need for nurses. The rationing and the precautions. Word of continued attacks on the Philippines and the battle of Luzon. The fear of sabotage and reports of fifth column activity in Hawaii just prior to the surprise attack. The sudden backseat news from the European front had taken – all American eyes were on the Pacific – but that would eventually change.

Reports from Capitol Hill trying to paint not such a grim picture of the Pearl Harbor aftermath. Careful emphasis was placed on how important fuel and ammunition reserves were not touched – how the numbers of destroyed ships weren’t that bad, and reports that those in command of Pear Harbor were not derelict in their duties when the surprise attack came.

The President was scheduled to give a national address during the evening – to bolster the spirits of a stunned and angered nation. The new customs which would be adopted – the preparations for blackouts, preparations for air-raid drills. The newly adopted practice of singing the National Anthem at public gatherings as a show of unity and commitment.

This was a day filled with news about how America was taking it and what was on the horizon. America was still stunned, but was being reminded there wasn’t time to sit and think about it. America now had to gear up for war.

All that – and a lot more news of the day for December 15, 1941 as presented by NBC’s News Of The World – and reports throughout the day.

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