Moscow Conference - Molotov and Sec. of State Byrnes - smiles, for now.
Moscow Conference – Molotov and Sec. of State Byrnes – smiles, for now.

Moscow Conference and news of the day – NBC News Of the World – Dec. 17, 1945 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

The Moscow Conference was big news, for this December 17th in 1945. A meeting of Foreign Ministers from the U.S., Britain and Russia were getting together to take another stab at world Peace. So far, so good – the meeting was marked by a distinct cordiality, as the three powers sat down to discuss the matters at hand; Post War Europe, Reconstruction and maintaining the fragile peace. No details were released, but reports were eagerly awaited.

Meanwhile, far reaching repercussions were expected to follow the suicide of Crown Prince Konoye, the former Japanese Premier who swallowed poison, rather than face trial as a War Criminal. Those trials were set to begin shortly.

On the subject of War Crimes – The Nuremberg Trials were entering into another day of horrifying testimony. Discoveries were made that the Germans had deliberately planned to starve tens of millions of Russians, or force them into Siberia so Germans at home could have a larger meat ration. The American Prosecution team introduced documents revealing that Adolf Hitler had ordered seizure of all Russian livestock after the 1941 invasion.

Iran was making the news – trouble broke out in Tehran, following the establishment of a so-called autonomous government in Iranian Azerbaijan Province. Amid unconfirmed reports, the move prompted the resignation of the Iranian Premier and a cloud of confusion was settling over the region, made more confusing by reports of Russian troops appearing around Azerbaijan.

In China, both sides in the brewing conflict between the Communists and the Central government were waiting for the arrival of General Marshall to clarify U.S. policy toward China, as outlined by President Truman.

On the home front – attention was turned to Detroit as wage discussions were opening between the new Kaiser-Frazier Corporation and the Auto workers Union, while the union was busy in negotiations with Ford and the strike-bound General Motors Corporation. A busy day for negotiations and union contracts.

And that’s just a small slice of what went on this rather busy December 17th in 1945, as presented by NBC Radio’s News Of The World.

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