The Wooden Sky
The Wooden Sky – indie from Toronto, bringing the message to Madrid.

The Wooden Sky – in session at RNE Radio 3 – December 15, 2015 – Radio Nacional España

The Wooden Sky – indie from Toronto tonight. The Wooden Sky have been around since 2007, gathering fans and critical accolades. They lean in the direction of Indie, but swear up and down they are Fuzz-Folk. Fair enough.

Their latest album, Let’s Be Ready, which was issued in 2014 was named the Number One Folk Album in Canada and has since been released in the U.S. via Nevado Records and made it to number 4 on Huffington Post‘s best of 2014 list .

They’ve just finished up 2015 with an extensive tour throughout Europe (where this session comes from) and came back to play sold out dates in Toronto and Ottawa at the end of the year. Along with numerous public radio appearances around the U.S., The Wooden Sky have gotten a lot of attention since 2014.

What’s up for 2016 is anybody’s guess. But it’s a safe bet there are plans afoot, as this kind of momentum is golden for any band and to keep the buzz up is crucial.

If you’re familiar with the band you have no doubt heard them, either live or on the radio, via KCRW here in L.A. But in the odd event you aren’t familiar with The Wooden Sky, here is a good place to start. The session at Radio Nacional España’s 3rd channel sounds great and is a stellar example of a band getting critical acclaim everywhere they go.

I would imagine they will be doing the Festival circuit this Spring an Summer, and they would be definite must-see if they show up on at a gathering near you. I didn’t see them on the preliminary list of acts for Coachella coming up in April, but that can always change.

Bottom line – good band, good sound, must see – do it and tell your friends.

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