David Bowie - in honor of Birthday weekend, or Holy Week - whichever suits.
David Bowie – in honor of Birthday weekend, or Holy Week – whichever suits.

David Bowie – live at The BBC Theatre, London – June 27, 2000 – BBC Radio 1

David Bowie – whose 69th birthday was observed yesterday (January 8th), has been the object of a flurry of congratulations, celebrations and tributes. But since it’s the weekend, I can’t think of a better excuse to run one of his many concerts than to keep the party going.

Most everyone has been gravitating towards the Ziggy Stardust period of the early 1970s, but I thought it would be a good idea to run something later,something from the last 15 years. Since David Bowie has undergone so many musical transformations over the years, picking one era and staying with it seems like short-changing one of the greatest talents in Pop music. Besides, I have run several concerts and sessions over the past few years which illustrate the period – but David Bowie has a lot more to say.

And ironically, yesterday being David Bowie’s birthday was also the day of the release of his latest album, Blackstar which has already gotten stunning reviews, hailing Bowie as making another pivotal turn in his career and, as the Guardian put it so eloquently “A spellbinding break with the past”. And at one day out, the album is already at #1 in the UK and #2 in the U.S.

There is very little to add to the career of David Bowie, that hasn’t already been exhaustively written about and journaled over the years. It has always been about the music, and David Bowie has always confounded, surprised and exceeded expectations in just about everything he’s done. He has accomplished a tremendous amount in his 69 years – and from the looks (and sounds) of it, there appears to be little let up in sight.

So while we’re in the midst of celebrating the birthday of a true legend this weekend, take a break and have a listen to a concert he did at The BBC Theatre in London, on June 27, 2000 and preserved for posterity by the venerable BBC Radio 1 and their In Concert series.

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