The Replacements
The Replacements – It wasn’t over ’til the fat roadie played.

The Replacements – Live At Grant Park, Chicago – July 4, 1991 – WXRT, Chicago – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

The Replacements this weekend. In what would be their last show for some 22 years, The Replacements played Chicago’s Grant Park, during the Taste Of Chicago festival.

The concert has been famously known as “It Ain’t Over ‘Til The Fat Roadie Plays”, ┬ábecause each member of the band disappeared and was replaced by their respective roadies to finish the set.

The Replacements originally started during the Punk phenomenon in 1979, but they were actually one of the pioneering Alternative Bands, fronted by Paul Westerberg.

The band’s career was admittedly checkered, with a lot of wretched excess going on between them, and their concert tours were hit-or-miss situations, depending on how loaded the band was at the time. Although they had achieved a goodly amount of notice from critics and audiences, their records never had significant commercial success.

By the time of this concert, it was pretty much over. Their previous tour supporting Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers was a disaster, and this was the parting shot before the band went their separate ways.

They did a partial reunion in 2002, but it was short-lived. In 2006 they had a resurgence in popularity and a brief reunion ensued, but it was marred by the accidental overdose death of drummer Steve Foley, who had replaced Chris Mars in 1990. Once again, the band called it quits.

In 2012 there was another reunion. This one lasted until 2015 when Paul Westerberg announced from the stage of the Primavera Sound Festival in Portugal that it was over for real this time.

Unless something happens, we may not be hearing anything from this pioneering band. But there is at least this recording of The Replacements, as they were performing their very last concert in 1991. It’s infamous and has been bootlegged over the years. In cast you missed it, here it is to remind just how raucous Rock n’ Roll can get.

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