DeWolff - live at Eurosonic 2016
DeWolff – hard to imagine this isn’t some Time Travel exercise.

DeWolff – Live At Eurosonic Festival 2016 – VPRO/3VOOR – The Netherlands

DeWolff in concert at Eurosonic 2016 at Groningen in The Netherlands just this past week. A lot of homegrown acts this year, and a lot of interesting music coming out of The Netherlands. DeWolff, a three-piece who, you would swear if you didn’t know for sure what year it was, that this was somewhere between 1968 and 1973, did a stand-out set to a light crowd.

Around since 2007, DeWolff have released 4 albums and 1 ep – all their albums have been issued on vinyl and all have done pretty well on the charts in Europe. They are currently on an extensive tour until July where they end up the month in Germany. No word if they are planning on heading to the States this year.

But interesting stuff, and it’s more interesting guessing where they are getting their ideas from. I’m hearing bits and flashes of Atomic Rooster and The Nice; that’s just a couple that come to mind. They are firmly planted in the Psych/bluesrock frame of reference, and they’re good at it. Not derivative, but rather inspired and I’m guessing they’ve been doing their homework.

DeWolff are just one of the flood of bands that played Eurosonic this year. As they’ve indicated; the first three days are a mixture of artists all over, and the last day is made up of Netherlands-based bands. Whether or not they get exposure over here is another thing – although their latest album, Grand Southern Electric was recorded in the States, they don’t have U.S. distribution or a label over here. But I don’t see that as a big drawback anymore. The music, and how it’s being heard and where it’s being heard have changed over the years. So it’s not so important for a band in Holland to have a label in the U.S. interested in them because, like most band, they have their own websites and in some cases, their own labels. So relying on a Major to help with your international exposure isn’t really that necessary anymore.

That means more access to bands like DeWolff in the future – and that’s good for everybody.

If you haven’t heard them before, check them out, check out their Facebook Page and pick up their releases. They have a bunch and there’s a lot to dig into.

Music’s in a lot more interesting places than you think.

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