Blossoms – On BBC 6 Music‘s Sound Of New Music for 2016 list. So there.

Blossoms – live at Eurosonic 2016 – January 15, 2016 – VPRO/3VOOR12 The Netherlands

Blossoms at Eurosonic 2016. Voted 4th on BBC 6 Music’s Sound Of New Music for 2016 list, Blossoms from Manchester are getting around and getting noticed. Together since 2013, they have a string of singles and four eps out so far, but it’s been since 2015 that fortunes are coming their way. They’re currently touring extensively around the UK, with a few dates in Germany, but that’s what the schedule is looking like until March. I have the feeling they are heading westward and without much doubt, going on the Festival circuit this Summer.

Embracing the Indie/Alternative side of things, Blossoms have that potential to hit the Pop market in a big way. And since they are signed to a major (Virgin-EMI) label, I imagine that’s what the plan is.

Their 35 minute set is tight and well-executed, and their music is more than accessible on a lot of levels. They are polished, and I suspect that’s the end result of a lot of gigging and woodshedding. I wouldn’t be surprised if they crossover to the mainstream, and they certainly wouldn’t be the first Indie band to do so.

Eurosonic has had a very interesting and varied lineup of acts this year. Blossoms was a nice addition to the mix, and it indicates the band is sincere about getting their music across.

Like I said, I would’t be surprised if they cross into Pop territory and score very big in the near future. BBC 6 Music’s Sound Of New Music lists have been good barometers of up-and-comers in years past. And I think they’ve nailed it again this year.

Have a listen to this set and see what you think – and check out their singles and eps via their site when you get a chance. And while you’re at it, stay tuned for more updates on this band in the very near future.check out their singles and eps via their site

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