Alondra Bentley
Alondra Bentley – soulful and intimate.

Alondra Bentley – live at RNE Radio 3 – January 4, 2015 – Radio Nacional España

Alondra Bentley – a name that may not ring many bells over here, but is well known in Spain and throughout Europe. Born in Britain to a British mother and Spanish father, she is currently living in Madrid. Alondra Bentley has been playing and recording since 2009, when her first album, Ashfield Avenue (named after the street where she was born), was very enthusiastically received by audiences and critics.

Since that time she’s released some 4 albums, composed and performed music for a feature film and has been touring extensively around Spain, Britain, Mexico and China. Her latest album, Resolutions was recorded in Virginia and released in October of last year. Considered part of the New-Folk genre, with heavy leanings towards Pop, Alondra Bentley has been quietly getting a growing audience and has been opening for a number of acts, furthering her visibility to new audiences.

This set, recorded in a relaxed, intimate setting, took place at the studios of RNE Radio 3 in Madrid and broadcast live on January 4th of this year.

With a breathless mystery in her voice, Alondra Bentley has a captivating presence, and her songs are sincere with flashes of dreamscape going in and out of her work.

Still a work in progress, Alondra Bentley has already gotten considerable support from her fellow artists – her albums feature a virtual who’s who of Spanish Pop, Folk and Indie, all lending a hand on sessions.

Whether or not she ventures over to the States to tour, rather than just record, is up in the air. At the moment, she’s in the middle of doing a tour of Spain before heading over to China, where she is doing dates in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

In the meantime, hit the play button and give a listen. Further evidence there’s a lot going on in the world – and in the world of music.

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