Deportees – Swedish Indie, making their way West.

Deportees – In Session for Sveriges Radio P3, Umeå – February 10, 2016 – Sveriges Radio –

Deportees this evening – a Swedish Indie band who have been riding very high on Swedish charts, and have been referred to in some circles as a Svenska Coldplay, in session for Sveriges Radio P3, recorded this past November and broadcast on February 10th of this year.

Around since 2003, Deportees have set their sights in a westerly direction, having toured around the UK and the U.S. in recent years. They’ve been awarded the Swedish equivalent of the Grammies in 2012 for Best New Artist and Best Pop Group. At the time of this concert (2015) they were busy promoting their latest album, The Big Sleep, which was released in October of that year.

Currently (according to their Facebook page) there are no plans to head West, at least up to April, instead concentrating on gigs around Sweden. But what’s in store for Festival season is another matter, and it’s up in the air where the band heads next.

An interesting and very capable band, with a lot of hooks and well crafted Pop tunes, giving further evidence there is much going on in other countries. With an increasing number of current European bands singing in English, you get the impression most bands bidding for success and recognition are aiming their sights for the bigger English-speaking market, rather than confining their activity to their home turf. It’s a healthy sign, and it certainly removes the stigma of Rock being the exclusive property of American or Britain. Whether Deportees will break into the U.S. and UK markets remains to be seen, although there’s no good reason they shouldn’t.

So if you aren’t familiar with Deportees, or have maybe heard about them, but missed them last time they were here, you can hit the play button and get caught up.

In any case, crank it up and enjoy.

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