Trio George Sand
Trio George Sand – new and ambitious and a lot of composers are writing for them.

Trio George Sand – in concert – September 10, 2010 – Radio France Musique

Trio George Sand this week. One of the bright lights and in-demand groups currently in the world of Chamber Music. Trio George Sand have been playing together since 2005 – and in that time have managed a goodly amount of acclaim for what is described as a new and ambitious approach to Chamber ensembles. Their repertoire spans across several genres, and they have been the recipients of numerous world premiers and dedications.

This week’s concert, recorded on September 10, 2010 features one such premier – the Trio, Ne pas oublier coq rouge dans jour craquelé (moments Proust) by Gérard Pesson, received its World Premier performance by Trio George Sand.

In addition to world premiers and dedications of new pieces, they’ve also been re-discovering neglected works – their recent recording of works by Lili Boulanger won the trio a coveted Prix de Rome for bringing to light the music of an important, yet sadly neglected composer from the early 20th century.

Their concert this week is a bit short – only two works (and an encore) – starting with the Pesson premier and ending with the Trio Number 1 op. 63 by Robert Schumann. But the pieces are well played and the audience is enthusiastic. So even though it’s a little under an hour’s worth of music – it’s the quality, not the quantity that counts.

As always, it was recorded by the venerable Radio France Musique, live and direct for their Afternoon Concerts series – and was originally posted on my previous site a few days after.

Good concert – great group – wonderful music. If that doesn’t add up to the perfect anti-Road Rage Wednesday, I seriously don’t know what does.

Enjoy and come back next week – because you just never know what we’ll dig up around here.

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