Amber Arcades - aka: Annelotte de Graaf - new voices on the horizon - coming to SXSW shortly.
Amber Arcades – aka: Annelotte de Graaf – new voices on the horizon – coming to SXSW shortly.

Amber Arcades – in session at Grasnapolsky 2016 – Feb. 12, 2016 – VPRO/3VOOR12-FM – Netherlands –

Amber Arcades – one of the newer lights on the musical horizon, recorded at Grasnapolsky 2016 in The Netherlands and recorded earlier this month by VPRO. Amber Arcades is the alter-ego of Annelotte de Graaf; a one-woman musical landscape, currently signed to Heavenly Records and touring anywhere she can before heading over to SXSW this year.

With a debut ep released in October of last year, de Graaf and company (a whole band when she plays live) have been hitting the road all over Europe promoting her release, gathering an audience and positive press along the way. Her debut album, recorded in New York with producer Ben Greenburg, is slated for release later on this Spring – no doubt in time for her appearance in Austin, Texas.

The Grasnapolsky festival, held from February 10-12, has been a starting-off place for a lot of bands, particularly bands from The Netherlands. Since de Graaf, under the banner of Amber Arcades, has been officially around since 2012, the press and attention have been earned.

I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from this artist/band in the coming months. Judging from the reception they got at Grasnapolsky, it’s a safe bet to assume word-of-mouth and good press are going to be working magic for her this year.

Since her music falls into the dreamscape/dreampop/indiepop and psychpop categories, and since de Graaf has a hypnotic and thoroughly luxuriant voice – it’s a fair assumption the popularity will continued to spread over the coming months.

Catch her, if she appears in your vicinity. There’s a lot to enjoy and it gives further evidence new bands are happening all the time, all over the world. Amber Arcades is a welcome addition to the annals of Rock. If you aren’t already familiar, you get to hear them here first.

Crank it up, and get ready for the weekend.

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