Dodgy - In Session -

Dodgy - nicely riding the wave of Brit-Pop in 1991.

Dodgy - In Session -
Dodgy – nicely riding the wave of Brit-Pop in 1991.

Dodgy – In Session – BBC Radio 1 – 1991

Dodgy in Session tonight. One of the bands who rode the initial wave, casually referred to as “Brit-Pop” in the early 1990s, Dodgy were (and are again, since their reunion in 2007, are still going strong) very successful in Europe, but less so in the U.S. – as was the case with a lot of bands during the period. It made no sense, but the American audience can be a whole different bag of worms when it comes to Rock.

They had a large and loyal following in the UK, based on their popularity at live gigs, and they grabbed numerous awards and recognitions throughout this initial stage of their career, not to mention their 3rd album, the highly regarded and platinum selling Free Peace Sweet which went to number 7 on the UK charts as well as going Platinum.

This session comes from 1991, during the time they were still issuing singles, but hadn’t put their debut album out yet. Even at this stage, their excellence as musicians was abundantly apparent, as was their well-crafted song writing skills and tight vocal harmonies. This was a band that had a lot to say and were great at saying it. Adding to their popularity was their involvement in social issues, and the number of free gigs they played to raise money for various causes.

After a period of almost a decade, Dodgy have gotten back together in the original trio lineup, and released their first new album in 2012. Stand Upright In A Cool Place was greeted by rave reviews from the likes of Mojo and The Guardian and has re-established Dodgy as one of those bands with a lot to say, and saying it well.

Checking out their website, they’ve been hitting the road of late, and it looks like they are getting ready to hit the Festival circuit this Summer. I don’t know if they will make it over to this side of the Atlantic, but they are definitely a band to catch, especially if you missed them the first time around. Put them on your list of bands must-see bands in 2016.

In the meantime – crank this one up.

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