Or as John Peel said from the stage; "The soothing sounds of 3 Colours Red".


Or as John Peel said from the stage; "The soothing sounds of 3 Colours Red".
Or as John Peel said from the stage; “The soothing sounds of 3 Colours Red”.

3 Colours Red – live at Reading 1996 – August 25, 1996 – John Peel – BBC Radio 1 –

3 Colours Red, continuing our romp through Reading ’96 this week, via John Peel and BBC Radio 1 on August 25, 1996. 3 Colours Red were a somewhat short-lived phenomenon. Part of the Britrock revival in the late 90s, the band achieved a considerable amount of success in a short period – with three albums in the UK top 20 between 1996 and 2004 and a goodly amount of recognition via a commercial (as a lot of bands do these days) for Fox Sports Channel. Although the band were only together for some four years before their first split – they got back together in 2002 and carried on until 2005 when the split became permanent.

Tonight its 3 Colours Red during their initial rise to fame, having just finished their debut album (which would be released the following May). They were already getting a lot of word of mouth and a following. So their appearance at Reading was confirmation they were on to something. It also helped they were getting a push via John Peel at the BBC.

You may not be all that familiar with 3 Colours Red (and are wondering what the title of the band is all about – think of the classic Polish film trilogy 3 Colours – the final movie in the trilogy was Red – now you know) – but you might be familiar with the Britrock revival of the late 90s – this was one of the bands very much part of that seismic movement.

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