Who says we don't keep an eye on things?
Who says we don’t keep an eye on things?

Here we are – ten days into our Spring Fundraiser and heading into our second weekend. So far – so good. Keep it up, and tell your friends!

There are two schools of thought when it comes to history – either everything is available at the snap of a finger, or none of it is available and it’s all lost. I don’t pretend to have every event or interview ever done since the beginning of recording, but I do have quite a lot. And unfortunately, quite a lot more is in danger of disappearing because of age. That’s what the Archive is all about; preserving, digitizing and making available all those rapidly fading bits of history that may be gone forever – fragile recordings from World War 2 – deteriorating recordings from World War 1 – recordings tossed in the trash and ignored. All those important pieces of history which need to be saved and preserved for future generations to listen to. History as it was unfolding at the time, when no one knew the outcome – those bits of history that helped shape who we became as a society; who are shaping us now – those bits we are in danger of losing. It takes a lot of time and energy to preserve all this history – unfortunately, I can’t do it alone. And sites like Past Daily make all the preservation of that history available to you, every day. But sites like this, and projects like preserving history cost – dollars and cents. And that’s why every year around this time I appeal to you, the readers, listeners and fans, to help chip in so we can keep doing it – keep preserving, keep making available, keep history alive.

So for a few weeks out of the year I pitch – I try to appeal for your consideration and your Tax Deductible contributions to help keep this service available to you every day – and so many of you have turned out to show your support – and  your pledges and contributions have made all the difference in the world. And to you I am grateful beyond words – you are the reason I do this every day – and  I know sometimes it’s preaching to the choir, and I don’t mean to hound – but you know that. It’s the ones who are just discovering this site, the ones who visit every so often, the ones who are on the fence – you’re the ones I’m appealing to. To make your support known by pitching in what you can to help make a difference. And you do. So please consider making your pledge today and help us expand this site and to help us continue preserving and sharing history.

Take a minute and click on the link in the box below – it’s quick, painless and the satisfaction in knowing you’ve made a difference lasts for hours. Please join all the others in chipping in what you can – do it monthly – toss in a quick $20 and enjoy thousands of hours of history, culture and rare music – all in one place. Sound good?

Till next time,


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