. . . and BMR meant Better Music Radio.

. . . and BMR meant Better Music Radio.
. . . and BMR meant Better Music Radio.

KFWB – B. Mitchel Reed – KRLA – Reb Foster – October 20 (approx.) 1967 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

The Summer of Love is over, but radio is sill going strong. KFWB and KRLA are dispensing the music that moves your world – Reb Foster is playing the Number One record in L.A. on this day – Try It, by The Standells. BMR is playing a record that hasn’t even been released yet, Alone Again Or by Love (from a test pressing, no less) – and all over the place, L.A. is jumping in the direction of Halloween. Music City is opening a new store in Costa Mesa and KFWB will be broadcasting live from South Coast Plaza. The Mandala are performing at the Hullabaloo on Sunset and at The Cheetah on P.O.P Pier on the weekend. And KFWB is giving away BMR Scary Halloween Masks, and all you have to do is call.

That was what October, heading toward Halloween sounded like, if you were a teenager and Top-40 was your way of life. Here is a 1/2 hour snippet of a typical evening, sometime late in October, just as it was being broadcast in 1967.

Maybe radio has changed – a lot. Maybe teenagers don’t look all that much different, and maybe the music sounds just a little different than it did in 1967 – but you’re still a kid and music is the glue that holds you together, and life is loaded with possibility and things you will laugh about someday, or get embarrassed over in retrospect – and maybe your life got very different very shortly and maybe this was the last best set of days – or maybe that hadn’t even happened yet. And maybe you were just busy being a kid.

No matter what the circumstances, or even if you weren’t around, or didn’t get started for another decade or two, this was what life was all about and what you were listening to; at a certain place, during a certain time – and you get to take a look around and be a fly on the wall.


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  1. Dial-hopping was just a way of life in listening to AM radio back then. I believe this one is from 10/30/67, based on some comments made, and advertising. These posts are just great – THANKS & keep ’em comin’!

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