Teenager in Library

History isn't Broccoli.

Teenager in Library
History isn’t Broccoli.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the crowdfund support Past Daily and the Archive have gotten so far – it tells me that interest in history, popular culture and those events which grabbed and shaped our lives is still high on peoples lists. I see a lot of sites, reputable ones, who make wild claims and offer top 10 lists who to have nothing offer other than click-bait and promises. It takes forever to wade through them. And when you’re done, you feel like you’ve wasted a perfectly good hour of your life – an hour you’re never going to get back.

Call me old fashioned, but there’s a lot going on in the world – and a lot more we’re aware of that we weren’t before.

Before you had fingertip access to everything, finding out what went on in another part of the world meant you either had to spend a lot of time digging through newspapers and magazines,  hoping to find the needed information – listening for a some report on your radio or TV, or just not hearing about until shooting broke out.

It’s not like that today – a car bomb goes off in Kabul and someone knows about it within seconds in Dayton Ohio. We have fingertip access to the world right now. We didn’t always – and that’s not to say the world wasn’t just as violent or on-the-edge as it ever was; we just know about it faster. Whether we’re actually made aware of it via mainstream media is another thing. Most news outlets think the majority of people (at least in this country) would prefer not to be aware of the world around them – that we’re too hassled and on-edge a society to be burdened with one more set up catastrophes and upheavals in a day. That news – and useful information is lumped into an “eat your vegetables” category, best not consumed in favor of empty-calories and sugary eye-candy.

Well – I hate to be the bearer of bum-tidings, but knowing about the world around  you, and why things happen the way they do and why people in different parts of the planet act differently than other people is crucial to know about. Ignorance ain’t bliss – and useful information makes for better understanding.

That’s one aspect of why I’m here – sharing information. But also sharing the fun stuff – the music, the Pop Culture – all those things which make us better people, or at least more interesting to talk to at parties.

That’s why I’m asking for your crowdfund support – chipping in what you can to help keep Past Daily doing what it’s doing  – sharing useful information and fun artifacts. I can’t do this alone – and a couple times a year I ask for your crowdfund support, in whatever you can contribute. Just help share us if you like us and support us so we can stay here and share with more of you. Click on the link and join the others who are making a huge difference – I’ll be here as long as you are.

Just click on the link in the box below (or click on the Fractured Atlas Logo to the right of this column), and make your support and contribution today. We’ll be grateful.

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