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We’re serious – we’re bringing out the dogs.

13 days and not quite 10% of our goal. Should I be worried? No – I know there’s a lot of you out there who are waiting for the last few days to pitch in – everybody likes the idea of down-to-the-wire, except the one on the receiving end. Here, it’s getting a little worrisome – wondering if what we’re all about appeals to a lot of you, or only a few. Being reminded of your past can be an unpleasant experience – a lot of people didn’t have such great times growing up. And this year, with so many people who were such a part of our youth are now leaving, it does make you wonder. But the reason Past Daily is around isn’t to remind you of “the good old days” – that’s not our intention. Although some of you look at it that way, it’s none of my business how you react to a moment in time or a piece of music or an interview with a notable. Past Daily is primarily aimed at people who weren’t around at the time – who may have missed it. The reason Past Daily is here is to give you a frame of reference, to tell you about something  you may not know about, or thought existed – something you can use in your life today; now. Why do I post all this news? Why is there so much World War 2 on this site? It was a pivotal period of time – it signified a lot of changes in society – and it was the last of the “formal wars” – it also directly influenced so many of the changes going on in society today. And for that reason, a point of reference is crucial to understand why certain things are the way they are.

I am not a fan of things that are old – but I am a fan of knowing why things got the way they did; knowing the past to understand the present and maybe not make the same mistakes in the future.

I run Pop Culture as a way of letting you know trends, fads, and youth have been the same and will continue to be the same forever – putting yourself in the place of the average teenager in 1965 gives you an idea that those same aspirations, fears and desires for love and acceptance are the same now as they ever were. That those of you who were kids then and are parents (or grandparents) now will perhaps realize the world was just as uncertain then as it is now, and that music and  those fashions drove your parents up the wall, convinced the world was coming to an end.  Just as you are now – and that ultimately, it all works out. We have survived, and soon, we become the wizened ones. It’s the same – it’s always been.

So that’s why I’m asking your support – to help make all this available to you – to let you know the past was just as scary as the present and just as uncertain as the future. Yet is still goes on.

And all I ask is that you chip in what you can – a little goes a long way – it would be great to end Monday at 10% of our goal. I know we can do that. And with your help, we can.

Just click on the link in the box below and chip in what you can – a little, or a lot – we appreciate it no matter what.

Till next time,


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