Joseph Fuchs
Joseph Fuchs - "You can play differently, but you can't play better than Joseph Fuchs" - Nathan Milstein.

Joseph Fuchs In Recital 1984 -Past Daily Mid-Week Concert


Joseph Fuchs

Joseph Fuchs – “You can play differently, but you can’t play better than Joseph Fuchs” – Nathan Milstein.

Joseph Fuchs In recital with Lucy Blackman, piano – WNCN-FM – January 31, 1984 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Legendary violinist Joseph Fuchs in recital this week. A rare and classic broadcast recital from New York fine arts station WNCN-FM, recorded on January 31, 1984 and featuring  American violinist Joseph Fuchs with pianist Lucy Blackman, accompanying him in a wide and varied program of well-known as well as obscure treasures from his vast repertoire.

Interviewed by station Music Director David DuBall, the informal recital is peppered with reminiscences and anecdotes in the course of the 90 minute program, making for an informative as well as historic recital.

Fuchs is considered one of the greatest American violinists of the 20th century, prompting fellow violin legend Nathan Milstein to remark; “You can play differently, but you can’t play better than Joseph Fuchs”. Fuchs had a long and celebrated career, born in 1899 and playing with some of the greatest orchestras and under some of the greatest conductors of the century. His numerous recordings have won awards and considerable praise over the years. And even though his name is not as familiar now as it once was (he died in 1997), violinists and music lovers still refer to his recordings as benchmarks in Classical music performance.

Fuchs performed several times at WNCN over the years, but I am not sure if this recital has been available in any form since it was first broadcast.

Whether you are familiar with the playing of Joseph Fuchs, or have only just heard about him – or aren’t familiar at all, take 90 minutes off and relax and crank this one up. It’s worth it.


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