Fundraising as a diving-for-apples analogy
Yes, a Fundraiser is a bit like diving for Apples.


Weekend Number 2 – The Pitch continues. A flurry of activity yesterday and we’re inching our way up towards our goal – just under 20% and its hopeful. Still, I haven’t heard from a lot you, and I know you’re out there because I can see who shows up and sticks around. Maybe you’ve already contributed before and don’t want to do it again; I can understand that – a fundraiser shouldn’t have to depend on the same donors over and over again for support, it’s not fair. When you have a few thousand people a day showing up to your site, listening and downloading all the amazing audio that’s here, you’d hope a few new people would be inclined to chip in a few bucks to keep this going. And a lot of you have – new people who haven’t been here before, or heard about Past Daily from friends – you realize there’s a lot here and a lot more on the way and its a site you want to bookmark and come back to regularly and you want to support it, to make sure it’s still here and still offering a whole world of amazing rarities and unique treasures every day. And maybe you contributed to our Winter Fundraiser a few months ago, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am and how much we’ve accomplished from that fundraiser.

No, it’s the new visitors – the people who have just found Past Daily, like it and want to hear more and want to support what we’re all about. You’re the ones this pitch is directed to. Past Daily has been around going on four years now. It’s been something of a dream; to offer rarities and to open up my archives to everyone who is interested in history or finding out about things, or hearing voices from the past or learning about events you didn’t know about before. I’ve been collecting this material most of my life, and unlike many institutions and libraries who also have this kind of material, I believe it does no good, sitting in a dark room, gathering dust – history should be available to everyone, no matter who, no matter when. Advertising isn’t supporting what I do – I have no corporate sponsorship – I just have you, the listener, the interested person who wants to know and wants to find out. All I’m asking from you is to chip in whatever you can – the price of a cup of coffee. Not a lot from a few of you, but a little from everyone. Everyone who comes by, listens and hangs out. If you like what we do and want to support it, chip in – if you can’t chip in, pitch in; tell your friends. We’ll be here as long as you are, but we need your support. Make your Tax deductible contribution today and help make a difference.

It takes a minute – click on the link in the box below and make your pledge – one time or once a month; whichever works for you.

Till next time,


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