Izia - The Tornado of Pop.

Izia – The Tornado of Pop.

Izia – In Session for Let’s Go Live (Partons en Live) RFI, Paris – June 12, 2015 – Radio France International –

If you’ve caught any of Izia’s live performances the past couple of years, you’ll realize she more than lives up to the characterization, The Tornado of Pop. She is one artist who is definitely not of the half-measures variety; she throws herself into her music and her performances are at fever pitch. She combines all this vocal intensity with a raw and sensuous beauty that wraps a blanket of seductive enchantment around her stark and piercing presence. Izia comes from a musical family – her brother is Arthur H. and her father is Jacques Higelin – all popular and well regarded artists throughout Europe. Izia is also an actress, who has gotten rave reviews for her work and a César in 2013 for the film Mauvaise Fille. So she is very firmly planted in both worlds and doing both quite nicely.

This performance, from the radio show Let’s Go Live for RFI in Paris is from June of 2015. I just ran across it recently and was blown away by the show itself – the shows runs a little over 90 minutes and features several acts, from a wide variety of musical styles – Izia was the Rock portion, while the show also featured Jazz, World and interviews. The whole thing is shepherded by André Manoukian, who has some of the most eclectic taste in radio – and does it all in front of a live audience. Very cool show that’s been on for a while – so I would definitely catch it once a week.

As for Izia, things are continuing to look up – I don’t know what the tour schedule is like for this Summer, but I would imagine she would be doing most of the French festivals this year, as she did last year. At the moment though, she is booked for two gigs this month, and no word on what’s happening after that.

So for now, here is that radio session with Izia from June of last year to tide you over. Crank it up and enjoy – it’s a bit more sedate than her festival material (which I ran last year), but she is one artist to keep an eye out for.

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