In lieu of drinking the Kool-aid
In lieu of drinking the Kool-aid . . . .

The start of a new week and under a quarter of our goal realized. We had some great contributions over the weekend; people who have discovered how unique Past Daily is, how diverse and wide-range the posts are. That we cover all kinds of music, pop culture, history, documentaries and news. We toss a lot into the pot – but it’s not  random; I don’t just throw things up because they are old or rare. I try to put things up that are relevant to what we’re doing today – milestones which have shaped us; points of view which changed the course of history, events that seemed impossible at the time but which proved things always work out. And a lot what went on in the past has been forgotten, tossed aside. I don’t envision Past Daily as a place to talk about “the good old days” and embrace nostalgia with a dewy-eyed regret. I envision Past Daily as a place to find out about things which happened in the past which have impacted on who we’ve become now – how, in some way, we can benefit from our mistakes by learning that we made them before, sometimes over and over. Not to sound preachy, but it’s not that humans are bad or insane (although . . . .), it just means we forget – we’re overloaded with information, a lot of it useless and distracting, but some of it familiar. The purpose of Past Daily is to inform and refresh – if you aren’t aware of something, to tell you it happened before – if you forgot, to remind you we’ve been here before – we’ve done that before, we have somehow still survived. Think of Past Daily as a trip to the library, where all the fun and interesting stuff is dusted off and handed to you as you come in.

All I need is your help in keep that going – that’s why we can offer a Tax Write-off for you – that’s why you can come here every day and find something new – and that’s why your contributions and pledges, no matter how big or small, are gratefully accepted and used to keep Past Daily up and running and to allow us to continue the on-going process of preservation and digitization of the thousands of hours of broadcasts, interviews, pop culture, music and history you hear here ever day. And so I’m asking you to chip in what you can – the price of a cup of coffee or the price of a small apartment complex – whatever you are comfortable with and can afford. We’ll be here as long as you are – you’re the reason why we’re here – and it’s people like you who are making all the difference.

And while you’re thinking about it – click on the link in the box below (or click on the Fractured Atlas link to the right of this post . . . that’s our Non-profit, in case you’re having trouble with Indiegogo), and make your contribution today – we do this a couple times a year and promise not to be obnoxious.

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