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Looks can be deceiving. Judging by the tally on Indiegogo, we’ve only raised a little under $800 in 22 days. But that’s not quite true – we’ve actually raised a little over $1,000 in that time. The discrepancy? Well, when you donate via Indiegogo (the ones putting on the Fundraiser), the money passes through them and it winds up on the tally. When you donate via Fractured Atlas (the ones offering the Tax Deduction and which you can contribute via the Past Daily site), you can not only use PayPal, but the money goes directly from Fractured Atlas and bypasses Indiegogo – so the amounts we’re raising are different between the two. In short, we’re doing better than the numbers show, so don’t get depressed if it looks like we’re not moving. We actually are – we’ve raised over $100 yesterday via Fractured Atlas alone. If we can keep that up, we’ll have met our goal in no time. So, the moral of the story is – when you come to the site, you’ll see a small Donate via Fractured Atlas box to the right of the post – if you want to use Paypal, Fractured Atlas will gladly accept that. There are problems with Indiegogo and I’ve had several complaints from potential donors who gave up. You can also send checks, but you need to do that via Fractured Atlas too. They will fill you in on what you need to do when you get to their donation page.

So, in short – the Past Daily Spring Fundraiser is moving along quite nicely, thanks to so many of you who have chipped in. It doesn’t matter how much you give – a little means a lot. Just as long as you can chip in something – and if you absolutely-positively can’t do that, and still want to help; tell your friends. Tell the people who might like this sort of eclectic look at History and Culture – a place where you find things you never thought existed, and history you never knew about. That’s what we do and that’s why we’re here. Giving you the best of what we have, every day without fail. So do what you can – tell your friends and help us keep  history alive.

You can do one of two things – click on the link in the box below – or click on the Fractured Atlas logo to the right of this post. Either way it works and either way we’re grateful for your support. We’ll be here as long as you are.

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