Gentle persuasion
“So . . .did you help Past Daily raise any money today?”


Okay, this is serious  – we didn’t budge yesterday. No pledges, no contributions – a big chunk of silence descended over the proceedings. I can’t tell you how much we need your support – it’s crucial to our survival, and every penny we’re raising goes straight into maintaining Past Daily and keeping the archiving process going – all the preservation and digitizing that goes on, every day. It’s intense, painstaking work and it takes time, and unfortunately,  we don’t have a lot of time left on this Fundraiser. So we really need those of you who are on the fence to step up and make your contribution, in whatever amount you can chip in, to help keep the website up and the archive going. We resort to coming to you, and raising the crucial funds a couple times a year because it’s all Tax Deductible – that means you get your money back on April 15th (not this April 15th, but next April 15th). But you can’t take advantage of that unless you contribute and show your support – and we need you, even if you can’t chip in, you can tell your friends – tell the people who like history and news and Popular Culture and music of all kinds, that there’s a site they may like – a site that’s trying to make a difference in a sea of noise, click-bait and distraction. We’re slightly alone here – we have no corporate funding, the ads barely pay for the bandwidth. We don’t charge you to visit, or listen or download – because that’s not what history is all about – that’s not what an archive is all about. It’s about sharing and informing and reminding – and you can’t charge for that. Well . . .you can try, but that means a lot of people who can’t afford it, can’t benefit from it, and then I become part of the problem and not the solution. Call me crazy, but I think it’s crucial that people are informed about the world around them, about how we got here and how we’ve been here before. History, much of the time, is about mistakes repeated over and over. Maybe its expecting different results and maybe it’s just forgetting it’s happened before. The names and faces change, but the conflicts are the same. And as much as I don’t like being the bearer of bum tidings, it is absolutely necessary to be informed,  not only to be aware of the world around you, but to be able to make decisions  based on what you know. That’s why I’m here, that’s why I’ve spent most of my life collecting these artifacts – that’s why I am committed to sharing them with you – you can’t jealously guard history, it needs to be freely shared with people who can benefit from it and pass it on. That’s why I’m busy raising money and raising awareness – I need one in order to do the other.

So I’m asking for your support, even a little – even just telling your friends. We don’t have a lot of time left in this Fundraiser, but I am asking and urging you to give it some thought, to make the choice to donate and help keep history alive. I’ll be here as long as you are.

Please click on the link in the box below and make your contribution today – you can also contribute directly to our Non-Profit portal, Fractured Atlas, but clicking on the Fracture Atlas logo to the right of here.

Till next time,


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