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Past Daily’s Fundraiser Update – Sometimes, you just feel like a Space Alien.


We’re coming up on Weekend 3.  Still at a little shy of 25%, and not much time left. I can’t thank those of you who have chipped in – large amounts, small amounts – no amounts at all, but lots of friends, who are really making a huge difference. It’s the people who come by every day and visit, or dig around the archives through some of the 7,000+ posts we have up so far – all history, and something of interest for everybody. That’s what Past Daily is about – something of interest for everyone. You may be a big music fan, but not that crazy about history – you may be a big history fan, but not that crazy about music – or a Pop culture fan who isn’t crazy about either. Not everybody likes all the same things – we respond to different thing differently, and that’s why we don’t stay in any one place for too long. There’s a lot out there, and a lot to learn about and discover – and I’m trying to help you do that, help you make discoveries or remind you of important things that may have slipped to the back-burner. And because I do it every day, I can’t do it alone. And that’s why I need your help. Help getting the word out – help by contributing whatever you can to keep Past Daily up and running and giving you the best of what we have. Take a minute or two and just scroll through, or do a search on our site – just pick a name, or an event or a date – take it from there. You’ll see we’ve been doing this for a while and have a lot up – but we have a lot more, and we need to get it preserved and digitized and available to you – and that’s why we need your help and your tax deductible contribution – whatever you’re willing to chip in -whatever you can afford. We’re grateful for every penny. So please, there’s a lot going on this weekend, but take a minute to make  your pledge and contribute to Past Daily and help us make a difference.

Click on the link in the box below or click on the Fractured Atlas logo to the right of this page, and give what you can. Takes a minute – lasts a lifetime.

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