The Skids

The Skids - Scottish Punk that morphed into many things.

The Skids
The Skids – Scottish Punk that morphed into many things.

The Skids – Live At Chelsea Art College 1981 – BBC Rock Goes To College Series – BBC Radio 1 –

The Skids tonight. Punk and New Wave from Scotland, The Skids were around a short while the first time – and a short while the second time. During the first incarnation (which took place between 1977 and 1982), The Skids had a fair degree of success, with their 1978 single Into The Valley and their 1980 album The Absolute Game, doing well on the charts and gathering a substantial fan following. They had a successful run until 1982 when lead guitarist Stuart Adamson left the band and returned to Scotland, forming the 80s legends Big Country.

Shortly after, the band split up, reuniting briefly from 2007-2010 before calling it quits for incarnation #2.

Tonight it’s a concert The Skids recorded at Chelsea College of The Arts in London in 1981 for the BBC Radio 1 program Rock Goes To College.

You may not remember them, but they were definitely part of the Punk movement in the late 70s, and got a considerable amount of positive press and loyal audiences. With four albums to their credit and a dozen singles which placed on the charts, The Skids were a well-known band in the UK, not so much in the U.S.

Here’s a memory jogger for you if you were around in the late 70s and Punk played a big part of your life. Play loud.

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