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We take Drachmas too.


Another (kind of) short update – it’s been suspiciously silent the past day. Not one new contributor – that’s disappointing. But we’re not over yet and there is big news coming up from one of our supporters which may be an extra incentive to hit the donate button. I can’t thank our friends and supporters enough – the ones who come by every day and who chip in what they can. It’s a big deal, asking for a few bucks;- even with a tax write-off, it’s still a lot to ask someone to forego that cup of coffee, or see one less movie this week. We live in times where a lot of people have to think about priorities – money is hard-earned and sometimes hard to come by – and that’s why I don’t charge a subscription or download fees because I really feel access to history and useful information should be yours for the asking – I’m here to enhance your life, not complicate  or put a price-tag on it. I don’t clutter up your screen with click-bait, come-ons or fake stories. I just want to give you the plain, unvarnished, unapologetic  events as they happened, and let them speak for themselves. Let’s face it; you’re assaulted by enough silliness in the course of the average day and I don’t need to add to that. Past Daily is one of the few sites you can come to, look around, explore and find a world of new and interesting things – or old and forgotten things. But all useful things which can contribute to your understanding of the world around you, and make it seem less baffling and hostile. If you haven’t been to the site, I wish you would come by for a visit and hang out for a while – explore, hit the browse button, search for events or places or dates – there’s thousands of pieces of information at your fingertips, and more on the way. We do this every day – put up stories and history and news and cultural events and music, and we have many thousands more hours of history we’re in the process of putting up. The flow is constant and doesn’t stop – but then, neither does history.

All I’m asking is for you to consider supporting this endeavor with a buck or two or twenty – supporting our efforts to bring you the rarest and best and to do it every day. We’re not asking a lot – just to chip in whatever you’re comfortable with so we can keep giving you what we love and what we’re committed to; keeping history alive and available. So please join us and become part of this select group of people who feel history is important and learning about it is vital and sharing it is essential.

All you need to do, is click on the button in the box below, or click on the Fractured Atlas logo to the right of this page and toss a few bucks into the kitty – takes a minute, lasts a lifetime.

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