Cigarettes - like so many bands of the period - came and went in a flash.

The Cigarettes – like so many bands of the period – came and went in a flash.

The Cigarettes – in session for John Peel – Feb. 26, 1980 – BBC Radio 1 –

Like so many bands from just about every era of Rock, The Cigarettes were short-lived, but had a strong local following in Lincoln, a small town in the UK where The Cigarettes were formed. They were local celebrities and, because it was the punk era, pressed their own records and did everything themselves. And as a result, managed to get word around and beyond the confines of their home town. The released one single and one ep on their own – and that was the extent of their studio legacy.

They got some national exposure via this session, the only one they recorded for John Peel at the BBC in February 26, 1980. It did do wonders for the group, but not enough to sustain them, and soon it was time to consider what the future was all about.

They broke up soon after and The Cigarettes commercial recordings have gone on to become collectable – their sole ep release fetching a couple hundred dollars on the collectors market in recent years.

If you’re a collector, you have probably heard of this band – if not, they are further evidence just about every decade and era of music has more than its fair-share of the overlooked, underrated, or just simply obscure. The Cigarettes were certainly overlooked, fortunately, not by John Peel.


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