Times of bafflement and wonder

The thing about history is not knowing at the time how any of it turns out.

Times of bafflement and wonder
The thing about history is not knowing at the time how any of it turns out.


In light of the events yesterday, I felt it was only right and ethical to put the Fundraiser on hold and resume today. It’s hard to appeal to people for contributions when you are in a state of shock and bafflement. I understand – it was strange and and surreal yesterday. But life inevitably groans on – and even though we’re still processing the losses from the beginning of the year, it doesn’t stop for anything.

But that’s what history is about – the milestones, defining moments and intense feelings conjured up by a point in time – times that, when we were in the middle of them, couldn’t see how it would end, or even work out. But like everything in life – everything – it works out. And the realization that it all has a beginning, middle and end may not make you feel better, but it gives you some shred of understanding why it’s is so confusing at times.

And it seems  strange, appealing to you for your contributions – telling you about history, when you’re living it. But then, you get some indication how people before you felt when they were faced with those moments in time and they had no idea how they would work out. It’s the constant progression of life.

And maybe being aware of that gives you some comfort, some understanding over why you feel loss, or confusion. Think for a moment, how people felt when John Lennon died, or when the World Trade Center was collapsing, or when President Kennedy was assassinated. Those were times we had no idea what the outcome would be – yet, we got through them and came out the other side – and life continued.

All this by way of asking you to consider, for a moment, making a contribution to Past Daily during our Spring Fundraiser – we’re here because of history; those defining moments – those alternately painful and joyous touchstones of life. We make this a place where you can learn about those moments, those touchstones – and perhaps come away feeling that it’s always been this way – we have loss, we have joy and we have memories, all in the same life and often on the same day.

So, I just want to ask you to take a moment to consider and to make your pledge, no matter how much – to help us keep this library of events, this warehouse of life going and keeping you informed and reminded each day.

It takes a minute – and we don’t have that much longer to go. We can still reach our goal, and with your help and the wonderful help of those who have already donated and told their friends, we can make it.

If you can, take a moment and click on the link in the box below, or click on the Fractured Atlas logo to the right of this post and make your pledge and help contribute to keeping history alive.

Till next time,


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