Days Of Wonder – Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser Update

Maybe if I just hide . . . .
Been that kind of year, hasn’t it?

So much going on this April; so many distractions – waves of sadness mixed with endless shouting  – the fear factor looms large – warnings of impending doom – predictions of dire consequences – anger and frustration – helpless and lost. A lot happening; a lot of things grabbing at your attention – a lot of people asking, a lot of people want you to notice – competition is fierce. Seems the whole world is Fundraising – seems we all have a story to sell.

Okay, why is this fundraiser different from any other? Why should people be so interested in history, or popular culture or knowing what happened fifty years ago? They always say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.  The other one is; not benefitting from mistakes of the past dooms you to repeat them. Probably both are true – we get bombarded by a lot of information – both good and useless, and  much of the time we shut-down; overdose on the wrongs –  bombarded by the pleas. We just want to go back to sleep.

But there are those people who think knowing things and reasons what happened and why it happened are important – it makes the day-to-day not so fearful or uncertain – makes at least some sense of who we are and why we are. Past Daily is an odd jumble of history and culture and people; all part of the crazy-quilt of life – we just try to make some sense of it – put it in perspective; make it not seem so uncertain and frightening. Let’s face it – we’re fear-based. You can’t turn on a TV without being told you’re going to die soon; maybe now, maybe alone. Maybe of something you ate or breathed or just happened to be at the wrong place at the time wrong time. Your Spam folder is jammed with messages of impending doom and consequences. Past Daily is none of that – we try to make sense of things – letting you know they’ve happened before – we’ve survived and life went on – and a lot of great stuff has happened – great people have been here and have done amazing things and have made our lives better because of it. We’re here to celebrate that – to let you know that, for all the lousy moments, there are great ones to compensate, fill you full of glad – make it all worthwhile.

Past Daily is here to remind you, to let you know it’s okay – to give you some perspective and to turn you on to things you may not know about, or forgot about. All we’re looking for is your support – to chip in and help us keep it going – to do this every day. Please give what you can and we’ll give you the world in return.

And so I ask, while we’re winding down, to please click on the link in the box below or click on the Fractured Atlas logo to the right of this post and chip in what you can – it doesn’t matter how much – it just matters that you do.

Till next time,


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