Jacques Ibert

Jacques Ibert - after his death in 1962 - a revival and rediscovery.

Jacques Ibert
Jacques Ibert – after his death in 1962 – a revival and rediscovery.

Jacquest Ibert – Jeux for Flute and Piano – Michel Debost, flute – Christian Ivaldi, piano – ORTF Radio Session 1963 –

The music of Jacques Ibert once again – this week it’s one of the number of then-recent discoveries made after Ibert’s death in 1962. With a considerable catalogue of works to his credit, the prolific Jacques Ibert had more surprises. This piece for Flute and Piano, Jeux was one of those rediscoveries – it dates from 1923. It’s heard here in an ORTF radio studio recording from 1963 featuring Michel Debost, flute and Christian Ivaldi, piano.

Although much of his work still goes unheard, or those recordings of his lesser know works gone long out-of-print, Jacques Ibert has been best known for his Divertissement from 1930 and Escales from 1922. And so he is far from forgotten – just slightly neglected in places.

Jeux is a short one – a little over 5 minutes. But it is pure Ibert from start to finish.


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