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Just one of the amazing Premiums you get for donating to Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser!

We got Perks! As I promised you a couple days ago, I would have an announcement to make for our last 10 days of the Spring Fundraiser – and it arrived. From our amazing friends at Rockbeat, a boatload of rare boxsets (and one out-of-print novel from me) to go along with your contributions. If you’ve already donated and want to take advantage of the Premiums, let me know. We don’ have a lot and they should go pretty fast. The box sets are great – and feature a lot of rare material you haven’t heard in a very long time, if at all.

It’s our way of saying thanks for all  your support and to get those of you who haven’t chipped in yet, a little extra boost to chip in what you can. So, not only do you get a Tax Deduction for your contribution, you also get your choice of several rare and extraordinary Box Sets as well as a copy of my long-out-of-print first novel, which I will sign.

So what could be better? Chipping in to a website that’s unique, and getting a choice of perks (or all of them at a special price) and helping keep history alive. Sounds like a plan to me!

Anyway – as of today, we’re almost a quarter of the way to our goal, and ten days left to get the rest of it. We had a last minute flurry of donations yesterday, and thanks to stand-up guys like Mike Zuk, we came in just shy of 25% of our goal.  We can do it. If Mike can help make it happen, so can you.

So dig in and give what you can, and pick up a premium while your’e at it!

Click on the link in the box below and pledge what you want – a little or a lot, it’s all great. But if you want a premium, ask which one you want and give us your address so we can get it off to you!

Till next time,


Over Under Sideways Down - Gordon Skene
And from the questionable mind of yours truly – all yours for a measly contribution of $25.00! Plus I autograph it!
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