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Hulaland – one of the gaggle of finger-popping goodies we’re offering as a premium for your donation.


8 days left – 8 days to meet our goal. Can we do it?

I’m one of those “glass is half-full” guys. I believe a lot of you are waiting for the last minute to decided whether or not to support Past Daily and what we do every day. It’s happened before – in fact, it happened last year. A sudden burst of activity that puts us over the top. Nail-biting, to be sure. But I really do believe what Past Daily about, and what we have to offer is unique and makes a difference. And maybe we don’t have the visibility some other sites do, but that’s because we’re not getting heavy sponsorship, don’t run a million ads or have pop-ups for click-bait, come ons or eye-candy; that’s the big difference. I happen to think you get enough of that every day at every other site – you don’t need more of that when you come here. But we’ve gotta pay the bills – we’ve got to keep the preservation and restoration going – we’ve got thousands of hours of broadcasts, news, interviews and music that are in danger of deteriorating beyond use if we don’t keep up the work. And we need support to do that. I know a lot of this is preaching to the choir – those of you who have chipped in, have offered your help and support and who give encouragement every day; you know what this is like. To all my friends and colleagues who come every day to check out the new stuff – you know exactly what it’s like – you’ve been here before – you know what we’re trying to accomplish. And those companies and individuals who support our efforts, either by donating premiums to offer you, or to give grants to support the preservation – you are one of the reasons I often say most angels don’t have wings – I cannot thank you enough, you are making an enormous difference, and I continue to do this every day, knowing there is support out there – people who care and people who understand how important all this is for everyone. See – I’m not doing this for me or for my 10 closest friends – Past Daily is here for everyone to listen, download and find out more about the events and the people who have changed and shaped our lives (for better or worse). Everybody who is curious, interested, doing research, writing a term paper, feeling nostalgic, wanting closure – whatever reason brings you here, we want you to stay here and come back often – we’re here every day. And we need your support to keep doing that. So, in these last 8 days of our Spring Fundraiser – please consider chipping in what you can – it’s tax deductible and we offer premiums for your efforts as our way of saying thanks and you are so very much appreciated.

Please take a minute to click on the link in the box below and chip in what you can and take advantage of our premiums. We can’t do it without you and we’re here because you are. Do what you can, and tell your friends.

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