Korean War -Aril 1951

Korean War in April 1951 - called on account of rain . . .if only.

Korean War -Aril 1951
Korean War in April 1951 – called on account of rain . . .if only.

April 29, 1951 – Voices and Events – Week of April 29,1951 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Sixty-five years ago today, on April 29, 1951, we were looking back at a week full of war, fear, recollections and hope. The Korean War was continuing without let-up. Former Far-East Commander General Douglas MacArthur was using his recent dismissal as an opportunity to criticize the Truman Administration‘s handling of the war up to then. Opinions on our position in Korea ranged from withdrawal to full-out War, even if it mean the possibility that Russia would join up with Communist China and touch off World War 3. Yes, we were concerned and worried that the Korean conflict would do just that – and the result would be the use of the Atomic Bomb. Those who opposed our continued involvement were considered Communist sympathizers by the call-for-war crowd. And those who called for stepped up action against the Communist forces in Korea were labeled as war-mongers. No winning this argument, it seemed. Meanwhile, war raged and stories of waves of Communist troops, attempting to overrun American positions gave distressing details over a war that wasn’t looking to end anytime soon.

But elsewhere in the world, on this April 29th; A former King who abdicated his throne for “the woman he loved”, the Duke of Windsor, turned author and wrote, not exactly a tell-all, but a detailed account of life in Buckingham Palace up to his abdication. Critics heaped praise on the book, and the Duke of Windsor went on an extensive book tour – included in this broadcast is a rare interview with the Duke of Windsor regarding the book.

The Hollywood Witch Hunt of purported Communist sympathizers in the Entertainment field continued. Congressional hearings of Stars and principle players on the business and creative side of Hollywood were questioned in detail over who knew what and did what. The long, dark night of the soul continued.

And that’s just a small sample of this 1/2 wrapup of news that ended on April 29, 1951 as reported by Voices and Events for NBC Radio.

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