Elastica - A band moving up in 1993.

Elastica – A band moving up in 1993.

Elastica – in session for John Peel – September 18, 1993 – BBC Radio 1 –

Elastica in session tonight. One of the up-and-comers of 1993, Elastica first got started in 1992, as ex-Suede members Justine Frischmann and Justin Welch left to form their own group. Joined by Guitarist Donna Matthews and bassist Annie Holland, they initially gigged under the name Onk, before settling on Elastica. They issued their first single Stutter, in October of 1993, which is right after this session for John Peel.

Falling loosely under the headings of Post-Punk, Indie-Rock and Brit Pop, Elastica created a stir with press and audiences, and they were quickly swept up in the Brit-Pop brouhaha of the early 90s.

Their streak lasted quite a while (aside from controversies over accusations of plagiarism and a few romantic entanglements), until calling it quits in 2001.

Ironically, with the recent reunion of Lush, former Elastica drummer Justin Welch has been enlisted as drummer on their latest tour. So there is a connection between Lush and Elastica, albeit a distant one.

At any rate – this is the first session the band did for John Peel, and it was right at the turning point for the band. They would break into commercial success in 1995 with their debut album, the self-titled Elastica, which was released in March of 1995.

This is just before it got crazy. Crank it up and enjoy – but it’s pretty turbocharged to begin with. They were just that kind of band.

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