Black Cat Top Hat
“Did they chip in anything?” “Catnip?”


4 Days left – just 4 days for you to make a difference and to chip in what you can to keep us up and afloat and to continue the seemingly endless process of preserving and restoring the thousands of hours of news, history, broadcasts, interviews and Music of all kinds, and make them available to you every day. I’ll make this short, because I’ll be doing this more frequently over the next 4 days. We need you – we need your help – we need your Tax Deductible Contributions and donations in any amount – large or small, we need to hear from  you over the coming days, before it’s too late. Thank you so much to the people who have kicked in a few bucks today – you are more appreciated than  you can imagine. And really, if you can’t do it – can’t afford to chip in; I understand. But all I ask of you is to tell your friends – cross-post these updates to people  you know. Let everyone know this site exists and it’s here because you are. We depend on you – and we’re asking for your help during these last few, crucial days of our Fundraiser. Can you help? Are you will to chip in what you can? Please say yes and click on the Donate button and make your choice known. We’re here because you are, and we need you badly right now.

All you have to do is click on the link in the box below and make your choice – you can also take advantage of one of the many premiums we still have available (although they are going rather fast) – it’s our way of saying thank you and we’re grateful for your support. Anything you can give, anything you can do is gold to us – please help us reach our goal so we can continue giving you the rarest and the best of history and Pop Culture. Do it tonight.

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