Lush - after a 20 year wait . . . visa hassles. But it all worked out.

Lush – after a 20 year wait . . . visa hassles. But it all worked out.

Lush – Live At Coachella – April 23, 2016 –

One of the most anticipated reunions of the year, Lush finally made it to the West Coast this last month. Despite an inordinate amount of hassles with work visas and our bungling, which forced cancellations of concerts up and down the coast and postponed their Coachella appearance by a week, the band finally made it, and the collective sigh of relief has been palpable, and heard for miles.

Listening to Lush in concert, after some 20 years, is almost like picking up a conversation where it left off. Nothing seems to have changed. But in the same token, it’s a rejuvenated band; a band still fresh and exciting and a pleasure to listen to – and a band with more to say. The 20 year lay-off was just that – putting it all on hold; coming back years later only to figure out the initial excitement never went away – the innovations are still as fresh as they were in 1992. Times have changed, people have changed – granted, Miki no longer has flaming red hair. But then, if she still did, it would make it all seem as if they were being a “greatest hits” band – one of those bands who are content to stay frozen in a place and time. That’s not the case with Lush, and I think we can look forward to a long run with this newly revitalized band. Not steeped in the past, but staying in the present and focusing on the future.

I for one am relieved – they were terribly missed.

Crank this one up and celebrate.

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