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2 Days left – Two days before our Spring Fundraiser comes to an end. Still under half our goal – but I hold out a whole bunch of hope that those of you who are still on the fence right now will made the decision to contribute what you can to keep us up and running. I know it’s been a pain, having to read these updates every day – twice in day lately. But it’s the only way I can get the message to you that we need your help, we need your tax deductible contributions in order to help keep Past Daily up and the vital source of History and Pop Culture that it is – every day. We do these fundraisers in order to keep the site running – it costs a goodly chunk every month, and the costs are increasing as we post more. We have almost 7,000  historic posts online right now, since we started Past Daily some 4 years ago. We have many thousands more to do, in addition to all the hours of historic broadcasts, news, interviews, Music and Pop Culture we still have left to preserve and restore in order to make available to you. It’s a huge project and I can’t do it alone – and ads don’t cover even a fraction of it – corporate funding seems to shy away from historic sites like this one. But luckily, being associated with a non-profit foundation has made it possible for me to offer a tax deduction for your contribution – and that’s huge.  Every dollar you spend supporting Past Daily is not only a dollar going to the day-to-day running of this site and the archive, it comes back to  you in the form of a deduction – you’re good for us and we’re good for you.

And all the benefits of a site like this – finding out information – listening to the actual voices and events which shaped our culture and our futures. Hearing news as it was, unvarnished and in some cases breathless, because events while they are unfolding are uncertain. Being part of history – much of it your own – a lot of it you may be unaware of – and some of it you only heard about, are essential to know who we are as people.

But you know all that – if you’re here,  you are well aware of the importance of history and knowing about it. I’m appealing to you who are new here – heard about this site through friends – just stumbled across it. We’re here because you are – we want to stay here because what we’re doing we think is important – its providing a service. And that’s why I’m asking you to chip in, these last two days, and make a difference – help us continue giving you the best and the rarest. We’ll be here as long as you are.

Please click on the link in the box below and make your contributions – if you’re using Paypal and are having trouble with the Indiegogo site, click on the Fractured Atlas logo to the right of this post and they will gladly take it. However you do it, please chip in what you can. You won’t regret it.

Till next time,

Gordon Skene

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