Who says we can't multi-task?

Who Says We Can’t Multi-task?

36 hours left to ask for your support – only 36 hours left and we are close to reaching half our goal – I have my fingers crossed we’ll get all the way to our goal by the time our Fundraiser is over, but that’s only going to happen if you chip in what you can and support Past Daily and what we do every day. It’s all about history and events and interviews and rarities and Music -a lot of music. It’s the stuff that’s part of our lives which we sometimes forget about or get too busy to notice. It’s about old stuff, and new discoveries – we do it every day. And we rely heavily on our Archive, which has thousands of hours of rare broadcasts and concerts and things you don’t hear anywhere else. It’s about new things we’ve just discovered, from the hundreds of radio streams from all over the world. Concerts from Spain, sessions from Sweden,¬†Festivals from The Netherlands – we dig through everything to bring you the best to go along with the rarest. We want you to stick around and make discoveries, but we need your support – and you can do it, however you want; whatever works for you – you can pledge $25 a month or you can give $20 or even $10 – what you’re comfortable with – and for your troubles, starting at the $20 level you can choose one of several premiums we’re offering, as our way of saying thank you.

But you have to do it between now and Friday – by Friday its over and all the pitching will stop. But over the next 36 hours we have to appeal to you for your support – no matter how much you pledge, you still get to take advantage of our Deductible contribution on your taxes – and that works for a lot of people.

So please, take a minute out and chip in what you can so we can get over this speed-bump – help us hit our goal so we can keep giving you the best and the rarest. We’re here for you – we’re just asking for a little love in return.

Takes about 30 seconds – click on the link in the box below and make your pledge and your choices – simple as that. Lasts a lifetime and the love is never-ending. Honest!

Till next time,


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