May 6 - time is running out
 Time is running out!


A little less than a day to go – I can’t tell you how close we are to reaching half-way to our goal. I have my fingers crossed that we get a last minute surge in pledges and we get over the top. That would be the best of all possible worlds – but it’s also not reality. But it can be – if i can somehow convince those of you still on the fence, that your tax deductible contribution to Past Daily makes it possible for us to continue to give you the best in history, interviews and rarities and that this site is important and what we are offering is essential and that your contribution makes all that happen – that’s what I’m asking. I need your help and your contributions – I can’t do this alone – and as much as I don’t want to endlessly harp on why  history is important and why preserving all these fragile recordings is crucial – you know that. Those of you who have already decided to contribute and to tell your friends – you already know that. And I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the Kirk Henrys and Jim Stephensons and Jamie Lawsons and Michael Grays and John Daniels and Richard Fooses and Linda Goldsteins and so many more of you who have taken the time and made the choice to support something you believe in. To support something I work diligently at every single day of the week and every week of the year. It’s a labor of love, but it’s also a labor of commitment – commitment to offering you history and music and Arts and current events and people who made a difference who shaped our lives. The famous and notorious – the praised and the ridiculed – everyone and every event that happened in our lifetimes – I’m trying to make it all available to you. But I can’t do it unless I get your help – your contributions – your donations, in whatever amount – but enough to get us over this final leg of our Fundraiser.

All I’m asking is you consider chipping in what you can during these last few hours – chip in and make a difference. Join those amazing people who have contributed and who see the possibilities.

This time tomorrow it will be over – between now and then it will seem like an eternity. Between now and then is critical – so please, as a friend, as someone who works very hard to make it happen every day, give what you can.

Click on the link in the box below and make your contributions as soon as you can. Time is running out.

Till next time,


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