10 Hours Left To Make A Difference

The looming dread
No – we’re not asking you to raid the treasury . . . . .

10 hours left to go before we close up shop and end our Spring Fundraiser – 10 hours and its been nail-biting all the way. Here we are; Friday and getting ready for the weekend – the last thing you need is to be hounded by your favorite website, bugging you for money. Well – we gotta do what we gotta do – and keeping a site like Past Daily is a full-time proposition. Coupled with the enormous project of preserving and restoring the thousands and hours of historic news, interview, culture and Music going back to the 1890s (yes, the 1890s), it’s a good 12-14 hours a day, every day.

We can’t do it alone, and we need your help to keep us up and running every day. And that’s why, a couple times a year, we ask for your donations and Tax Deductible contributions to allow us to continue offering you all these rarities of history.

We’re not asking for a lot – we’re not asking you to make a sacrifice and go without a meal or a tank of gas. But we are asking you give what you can, so we can continue to give you the best of what we’re all about – history and making discoveries of things you forgot about, never knew about, often heard about but never actually heard.

So . . . over the next ten hours, while we try and convince you to make the choice to keep Past Daily up and thriving and growing, please consider your contribution, in whatever amount you’re comfortable with – and while there’s still time, to tell you friends – we’re here for everybody and we need as many of you as we can get.

So please (on hands and knees), click on the link in the box below and give what you can – it takes about a minute and it will make all the difference in the world.

We’re here because you are – and we won’t go anywhere if you don’t.

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