An Hour Left To Go And Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser Will Be History

Dog and Frida

Only an hour left – but there is still some time left to chip in to Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser – we’re almost at the half-way mark – almost, almost – just this close – a couple more donations, and few more contributions and we’ll get over that hump.

It would be incredible to meet our goal within the hour, but I have to be realistic.Right now, I will settle for anything.

I can’t thank those of you who have contributed these last few hours enough – you have been more than amazing – you’ve been spectacular!

But there is still time left – still time left to make a difference – so please, click on the link in the box below and make your donation now – there are just minutes left.

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2 thoughts on “An Hour Left To Go And Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser Will Be History

  1. Hi Gordon,

    I was just wondering if my Laff Records set has gone out yet. I was happy to donate and the bonus made it even better! Count on me the next time it rolls around and I’ll be good for another touch. Anyway the CDs are eagerly anticipated and I figured I should double check to see if they are the way.

    Thanks as always for ALL the amazing stuff you keep posting!

    Dave Gofstein
    (Loyal reader in Phoenix AZ)

    1. Hi David: I’m sorry for the delay – I will be getting them out this weekend. I’ve been dealing with a death in my family and all that it entails. It’s been taking up all my energy (and patience) – sadly, with a 94 year old mother, who has pretty much lost it – it’s been pretty rough around here the past two weeks. But I promise to get all the Premiums out this week.

      Thanks again,


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