Only as good as the company
I’m only as good as the company.

As you all by now, The Past Daily Spring Fundraiser came to an end last night. It was hair-raising, nail-biting and teeth-pulling – and in the end we came up short, but not by much. Doing a Fundraiser over 45 days is too long, and my apologies to those of you who have overdosed on appeals and my almost-constant pitching. I know – I hate when I get hounded too. So the shoe was on the other foot and I’m sorry if it caused any grief or anxiety. It was only meant to motivate, not harass.

Those of you who did contribute – and there were a bunch of you – I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your generosity and your patience – not to mention your belief that a site like Past Daily is a good thing to keep around. And those of you who told your friends and cross-posted on your own sites – you were a huge part of this and you are loved for your amazing efforts.

The Fundraiser is over and the Premiums are getting packed up and sent out – if you requested something, you should be getting it within a week or two.

But in the meantime, I just want to thank all of you who contributed – you have made all the difference in the world:

Edward Sargent, Gary Schneider, Larry Hart,Gray Newell, Tim Szeliga, Carsten Schaefer, Michael Goodrow, Todd Kosovich, John David, Mark Easter,Laurie Lubeck, Dennis Hardwick, David Green, Jan Simmons, Eddie Arias, Michael Harron, Mike Galbreath, Stephen K. Peeples, Paul Flieshmann, Dana Kelly, Jon Buckley, James Taylor, Pat Dallas, James Green, David Machen, Daevid Mackenzie, Karen Langley, Jamie Lawson, Marc Whittemore, Michael Zuk, Peter Rofè, Jim Stepehenson, Michael Mileham, Chris Taylor, Kirk Henry, John Daniel, Robert Legge, Michael Gray, Haarvard Pytte, Todd Everett, Pyllis Skene-Stimac, Paul Diamond, Lee Nagel, Joe Angier, George Moreau, a whole to lot of people who chose to be Anonymous, and a special thanks to Arny Shore of Rockbeat Records for providing the amazing box set premiums!

I am beyond grateful to you all – you’re the reason I’m still here and you’re the reason I’ll keep doing it.

My deepest and sincerest thanks and grateful appreciation.

Group Hug,

Gordon Skene

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